Paul Michael Claims He and Amanda Bynes Broke Up a Week Prior to Her Mental Breakdown

Amanda Bynes
Mental Breakdown Following Breakup

4/12/2023 1:00 AM PT

Amanda Bynes was reportedly experiencing relationship problems in the week leading up to her public breakdown. Her ex-fiancé, Paul Michael, claims that they had broken up prior to her mental health crisis.

Michael told TMZ that two weeks before Amanda’s breakdown, she had disappeared for three days and returned home with another man. They argued, and Amanda said she didn’t care about him anymore, leading to the end of their relationship. Michael packed up his things and left their home.

Michael was shocked by Amanda’s disappearance and subsequent behavior, as she had seemed stable up until that point. She was focused on her nail care business and appeared to be happy.

Michael believes that something happened to Amanda during her three-day absence, as she returned home with a different demeanor. Just over a week later, she was in dire straits.


TMZ reported that Amanda was found walking near Downtown L.A. on March 19 without any clothes. She flagged down a car and told the driver that she was coming down from a psychotic episode. Amanda borrowed the driver’s phone and called 911 herself. She was placed on a psychiatric hold for three and a half weeks.

Michael has not spoken with Amanda since he left their home.

Amanda is currently receiving outpatient care.

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