Armie Hammer in Italy with Mystery Blonde, Kissing, Holding Hands

Armie Hammer Italian Vacay with Mystery Blonde … Kissing, Holding Hands

6/28/2023 9:12 AM PT

Armie Hammer‘s closed the book on a lot of drama in his life — and now, he’s turning the page with a little summer getaway … with a new woman in his life.

The actor — who has mostly remained out of the public eye for the past 2 years — was spotted out in the Italian city of Santa Margherita Wednesday … where he was dressed in a breezy outfit, and rocking sandals to boot. He also had company … of the mysterious blonde variety.

The pair walked down the street, side by side. There weren’t a whole lot of other people around — and doesn’t seem like anybody really recognized/bothered ’em.

Eyewitnesses tell us they hit up a little pizzeria that was mostly secluded and tucked away. By the looks of it — they kinda had the space to themselves. We’re told they sipped coffee and chitchatted with one another … looking totally comfortable and relaxed. They also shared a kiss and held hands so, yeah, it’s romantic.

Armie recently settled his divorce with Elizabeth Chambers and the judge is expected to sign off on the divorce soon.

Armie’s been cleared after the LAPD investigated him for almost 2 years after a rape allegation, but the case went nowhere. The D.A. turned thumbs-down for lack of evidence, so he’s clearly getting on with his life.

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