Clay Walker, Country Music Sensation, Caught on Audio Berating Bus Driver

Country Star Clay Walker
Berates Bus Driver In Leaked Audio

3/9/2023 12:30 AM PT

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Clay Walker Caught Berating Bus Driver in Leaked Audio

Country singer Clay Walker has found himself in hot water after a leaked audio recording surfaced of him berating his bus driver. The incident allegedly occurred a year ago, but the audio has only recently come to light.

Threats and Anger Directed at Driver

In the audio, Walker can be heard making threats and expressing anger towards the driver, claiming that he could easily “whup his ass.” He also accuses the driver of not showing up on time, which seems to be the root of his frustration.

Continued Criticism of Driver

Even after the initial outburst, Walker continues to criticize the driver, finding new reasons to call him out and express his frustration.

Walker Claims Incident is Water Under the Bridge

Despite the severity of the audio, Walker has claimed that he and the driver reconciled immediately after the incident and are now friends who stay in touch. He also stated that the incident occurred at the end of a long and tough weekend, which may have contributed to his outburst.

About Clay Walker

Clay Walker is a country singer who has been in the industry since the early ’90s. He first topped the charts with his single “What’s It to You.” In addition to his music career, Walker is also the founder of the nonprofit organization Band Against MS, which is committed to helping people with multiple sclerosis.

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Walker Spends Day with Texas House of Reps

On Wednesday, Walker spent the day with the Texas House of Representatives, thanking people for their support of Band Against MS and raising awareness for the organization. Walker has battled multiple sclerosis since 1996.

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