Here’s our first peek of PlayStation’s Project Q in the wild


Images and video purportedly taken of Sony‘s recently-announced “Project Q” handheld system have leaked online.

Twitter user Zuby_Tech uploaded the images over the weekend, as well as a 28-second video that shows how the system works.

The images and video also give us a closer look at its eight-inch screen, the triggers on either side of the device, and what we think is evidence that it runs on Android software.

PlayStation Project Q Leaks:#PlayStation #ProjectQ 22, 2023

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Yes, we have tried to load the QR code clearly displayed on the device’s screen in the images, but right now, it simply points to a dead page. Sorry.

Right now, there’s still no release date beyond 2023 nor a concrete price point, but seeing the device in the wild for the very first time should be good news for fans looking to get their hands on the Project Q handheld system sooner rather than later.

The Sony PS5 Project Q handheld was unveiled in late May during the PlayStation Showcase. It’s a handheld cloud gaming system that utilizes the console’s Remote Play feature to stream titles instead of playing games natively. It’s essentially poised as an upgraded way to stream your PS Plus library to a dedicated machine instead of just relying on your smartphone.

“We’ll know more in the coming months, but as it stands, Project Q was a bit of a damp squib in an already lukewarm PlayStation Showcase,” Rhys wrote in their feature, Sony’s Project Q is a handheld without the portability.

“I’d love to be surprised by the device when it does launch, but will it be the triumphant return to form for Sony’s handheld output? Probably not.”

Thanks, The Loadout.

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