Jennifer Lopez Gets Locked Out of Gym, Tells Paparazzi ‘F*** You Bye’

Jennifer Lopez Ticked After Gym Door Lockout Tells Paps ‘F*** You, Bye’ …

7/19/2023 5:55 PM PT

Jennifer Lopez got locked out of a workout session and then later took out some frustration on the paparazzi with an f-bomb … and it’s all on video.

J Lo was trying to get inside Tracy Anderson Method Studio in Studio City for a Wednesday afternoon workout, but her key card wasn’t working … and she ended up waiting outside the locked door before someone let her inside.

Following the workout, Jennifer was not in a good mood despite the endorphin release … swearing at paparazzi as she climbed into a waiting SUV.

J Lo told the photogs … “Go away. F*** you. Bye.” While we can’t tell for certain if she was truly mad, it certainly seemed like a not-so-friendly delivery. She and her team then sped off.

Jennifer’s been on the defensive lately it seems … earlier this month, she caught some heat for her new alcohol brand and shot back with a video response.

Now, the paps are catching her wrath.

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