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Meta rolls out new Facebook Reels features, expands max video length to 90 seconds

Meta has announced that it is expanding support for Facebook Reels to 90 seconds, along with some new creative tools. Previously, Facebook Reels were limited to 60 seconds. This move comes several months after Meta launched support for longer Instagram Reels of up to 90 seconds. The expansion followed TikTok’s move into YouTube’s territory with videos that can be up to 10 minutes in length, instead of just three.

The company is also rolling out more creative tools, including a new templates feature that lets users create Reels with trending templates. The new feature, which rolled out to Instagram Reels last year, allows users to create new Reels using the same structure as one they just watched. Templates are somewhat similar to TikTok’s own templating option.

In addition, Facebook Reels is getting a new “Grooves” feature that automatically aligns and syncs the motion in your video to the beat of your favorite song through visual beat technology. Syncing video to sounds has been a defining characteristic of TikTok, so it’s no surprise that Meta is bringing it to Facebook Reels after rolling it out for Instagram Reels last year.

It’s worth noting that all of these new Reels features first made their way to Instagram more than seven months ago, and are now being released on Facebook. It’s possible that Meta wanted to see how they were being used on Instagram Reels before bringing them over to Facebook Reels.

Facebook launched Reels last year in a move that was seen as a key part of Meta’s response to the TikTok threat. Although Meta initially saw Reels as a way to directly combat TikTok with a feature inside the Instagram app, the company soon realized it could mount a more powerful counteroffensive if it also brought Facebook into the mix and allowed for cross-posting between the two social networks.

Meta says Reels is its fastest growing format and that it continues to grow quickly. Reels plays across Facebook and Instagram have more than doubled over the last year, the company said in an email. It also noted that reshares of Reels have more than doubled on Facebook and Instagram in the last six months. Meta plans to continue to roll out new features for Reels to make it easier for creators to get discovered.
Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has announced new features for Facebook Reels, which include an extended video length of up to 90 seconds. Currently, Reels allow videos of up to 60 seconds only. The new feature is a great addition, especially for creators who want to create longer and more engaging content for their audience. According to Meta, the new feature is rolling out gradually and may not be available in all regions at the same time.

The update by Meta intends to enhance the experience of users on its social media platforms. The extended length of videos will give creators more flexibility to showcase their creativity and engage their audience for a longer time. This will result in more engaging content that is shareable and go viral. The prolonged length of Reels’ videos will also broaden publishers’ opportunities to develop content that provides value to their audience.

Moreover, Meta has introduced new creative tools to make Reels videos more dynamic and unique. The newest feature called “stitch” allows creators to combine multiple Reels videos into a singular, longer video. Other features include audio mixing, voice modulations, automatic captioning, and easy editing tools. These tools will make it easy for creators to generate high-quality videos that will capture users’ attention and keep them engaged for more extended periods.

In addition to the extended video length, Meta has introduced an auto-subtitling feature that will benefit hearing-impaired individuals. The auto-subtitling feature will ensure that all users can enjoy Reels videos, making the platform more inclusive and accessible. With the new features, Reels is transforming into a more interactive and immersive experience, making it a more exciting platform for creators and users alike.

In conclusion, the new features on Reels by Meta are worth getting excited about. With the extended video length, new creative tools, and auto-subtitling feature, Reels is transforming into a well-rounded platform for users and creators. The gradual rollout of the feature will make it accessible to all users, making it an exciting time for creators to experiment with new and creative content that will stand out on the platform.

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