Rachel Zegler’s Resurfaced ‘Snow White’ Interview Ignites Right Wing Rage

Rachel Zegler’s ‘Snow White’ Old ‘Woke’ Interview Resurfaces, Ignites Right Wing Rage

7/23/2023 3:21 PM PT

Rachel Zegler gave an interview last Fall about the “Snow White” remake — a clip that’s just now getting resurfaced in right-wing circles … and firing up the base, who call it “woke.”

You might’ve seen ‘Snow White’ trending this weekend … and the reason is because of this answer the actress gave to Variety — alongside costar Gal Gadot — all the way back in September. She’s talking about how the ‘SW’ remake won’t be like the 1937 cartoon.

For whatever reason, conservatives found it and like clockwork … fired up the outrage, acting like this is new. Of course, they’re dragging Zegler’s characterization of the film — which promises to be a modern retelling of the fairy tale classic and one in which Snow White will apparently take a more active role … as opposed to needing saving by Prince Charming.

Like we said … the way this movie was going to take shape has been known for quite some time — but it seems to be getting hyper-focused on now, especially after the release of “Barbie” … which some right-wing personalities have labeled as “anti-man””ultra feminist.”

Hollywood is programming young girls to hate men

Barbie is anti male feminist propaganda and it looks like the new Snow White movie will be more of the same

The far left want to break the nuclear family and they’re succeeding

— The Centerview (@centerviewnews) July 23, 2023 @centerviewnews

And yes, this latest wave of indignation — again, over a very old interview — comes on the heels of the recent “Snow White” set photos that leaked … which were roasted as well.

Remember, the pics showed one little person … and six other random people of regular height following Zegler’s stand-in through a field. The other “dwarfs” were also of varying race, gender and height — and it got a major eye roll from some, especially on the right.

It has sparked a fierce debate … as some little people have also slammed the decision to lose most of the dwarfs, all because Peter Dinklage found the idea of them insulting.

Considering sensitivities are more heightened than ever — it remains to be seen how the rebooted “Snow White” will fare at the box office. On its face, it looks like conservatives are gearing up to boycott this one … they’re not liking what they’re hearing about it so far.

extremely appreciative of the love i feel from those defending me online, but please don’t tag me in the nonsensical discourse about my casting.

i really, truly do not want to see it.

so i leave you w these photos! i hope every child knows they can be a princess no matter what

— rachel zegler (she/her/hers) (@rachelzegler) July 15, 2023 @rachelzegler

As far as how Zegler herself is reacting to all this pre-publicity right now … talk to the hand, it seems. She doesn’t wanna hear a peep about it, and appears proud of the work they did.

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