Rare Autographed Steve Jobs Award for Sale by Apple Employee

Steve Jobs
Rare Autograph Going Up For Sale

3/20/2023 12:15 AM PT

Steve Jobs’ Rare Autograph Up for Sale

An award signed by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is hitting the market, and it’s a super rare memento because the guy never signed autographs and hardly ever left his signature.

Steve Jobs’ Signature on 10-Year Award Plaque

Steve Jobs scribbled his John Hancock on a 10-year award plaque presented to an Apple employee way back in 2000, shortly after he had returned to the company.

Steve Jobs’ Award Plaque for Sale

The award plaque is up for sale over at Moments In Time with a $95,000 price tag.

Steve Jobs’ Letter to Apple Marketing Exec

Steve presented the hardware to Apple marketing exec Suzanne Lindbergh, and the letter to her reads, “This ten-year plaque recognizes those who have contributed a decade of personal achievement to Apple’s phenomenal success. Apple honors you not only for your talent, enthusiasm and energy, but also for your ten years of creativity and career commitment. We hope you continue to believe, as we do, that the journey in itself is the best reward.”

Steve Jobs’ Signature on Award Plaque

Jobs used a black felt-tip pen to leave his signature at the bottom of the plaque, and it’s also rare because Apple later transitioned to facsimile signatures on its anniversary awards.

Steve Jobs’ Refusal to Sign Autographs

Steve, who died from cancer in 2011, famously refused to sign for autograph hounds, so there aren’t a lot of items out there with his signature.

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