Taylor Swift Defends Fan Who May Have Been Roughed Up During Philadelphia ‘Eras’ Concert

Taylor Swift Comes to Rescue of Fan During ‘Bad Blood’

5/14/2023 5:55 AM PT

Taylor Swift fans are very protective of their idol, and Saturday night she returned the favor.

Taylor was in Philly for a 2-night stand with her Eras tour, when it appears — at least to fans on social media — a security guard may have come down a little too hard on a fan.

It went down as she was singing “Bad Blood” … it looks like Taylor spotted something in the crowd. You see her gesture with a tinge of anger, trying to calm things down, and then she stops singing and shouts, “She’s fine. She wasn’t doing anything!!!”

— Taylor Swift Updates (@UpdatingSwiftly) May 14, 2023 @UpdatingSwiftly

Taylor’s concerts are choreographed with precision, so for her to break from the playbook is unusual.

It was a momentary distraction and the concert went on without another hitch.

We reached out to Taylor’s rep … so far, no word back.

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